How Do You Know If You Need To Fix Your Garage Door?

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With your attention on so many things in your life, studying your garage door is probably not something you do often. Unfortunately, if you aren't taking care of minor problems, you could end up with more costly repairs that have to be done or the door could stop functioning altogether. For those reasons, it's smart to take some time every now and then to watch out for the issues below.

Scraping, Squeaking, and Popping Sounds

One thing to look out for is something that most people don't even notice until it becomes impossible to ignore: noise. Noise is never a good sign as far as a garage door goes; don't be so quick to dismiss it as a sign of normal wear and tear. While what you hear might not be a huge problem, it should be addressed quickly.

Something like squeaking could simply mean that the metal working parts of the door need to be lubricated. Other sounds, such as popping, grinding, or scraping, could be more serious. Popping sounds could be related to the door's rollers; the door may stop working if the rollers are faulty. Prolonged scraping could mean that something is wrong with the garage door's pulleys, which could cause door failure.

Fitful Motion

The garage door should close and open smoothly. If your door stops and starts or makes jerky, fitful motions, there is likely a problem of some sort with the track. You may need new rollers or the track itself may be dirty or damaged. Without attention to this issue, you might find that the door stops and will no longer open or shut.


Something that seems minor and can mean something more serious is when the door slowly drifts downward after you've opened it. You might have already become used to the slight drifting, but the cause of that could be a problem with the door's spring. If the spring should fail as you drive under the door or when a pet or child is walking under the door, that could lead to injury or damage. Therefore, if the door is ever moving without your permission, it should be fixed soon.

Paying more attention to the door of your garage is a smart idea, especially when you focus on the issues discussed here. Seek a garage door repair estimate and an assessment of any problems so you can ensure the door continues to move properly. For more information, contact companies like Crawford Door Company.